Day 2

24th August – Lewes to Calais

After a good nights sleep at Southease (credit due to the delicious lasagne and crumble the previous night), day 2 started bright and early with David Howells and Adrian Field setting off for the first leg, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. Meanwhile, Dan Cunnington and James Moore on leg 2 were busy with last minute fuelling in preparation to tackle the infamous seven sisters. Short and steep, running the cliffs certainly attracted attention to the trip with early morning hikers keen to understand more about our adventure! 

No let up for the rest of the team either, with a selection of runners eager to cram in some “extra-curricular” running at the nearby Seaford beach parkrun. Our white running t-shirts, blending into the scenic white cliffs, certainly made for an impressive display with Andy Parkinson, Sarah Witt and David Howells (fresh off his first leg!) leading home the Winchester to Giessen pack.

Next up for the main route was Lorraine and Annie. After some circular loops of a golf course, interrupting a round to ask for directions, they arrived into Eastbourne with the baton and big smiles. As the temperature increased, our youngest athlete Stan Parkinson managed to secure a free ice cream at a pub on route, whilst Gill and Annie carried the baton, handing over to Fiona Bolton and Steve Goodwin for a lunchtime finish at the crowded Hastings seafront. 

Climbing out of Hastings, and now powered by a Cornetto, Stan accompanied by Adrian set off for a tough 9.1km in the heat. Unfortunately Fiona Bolton had her recovery interrupted by an unexpected fall into a bramble bush, ushered by the large boot door on the minibus. Route planner Sarah, accompanied by Andy Parkinson with fresh confidence after a quick parkrun performance tackled a gruelling 9.6km leg before passing the baton to Steve and Fiona.

Whilst Janet Haughton and Adrian Field carried the baton, the white bus took the opportunity to visit the beach at Folkestone, for an ice cream and a much needed dip in the sea to freshen up the legs. With the sun going down and having supported the team all day, Sam Parkinson finally took the baton, completing a hilly 20km across multiple legs. 

A tight schedule to catch the ferry meant Adrian Haughton put in a final shift ahead of the baton to take the team into Dover. Adrian was still showing signs of energy as he entered the port, despite clocking a total of 35km of running today – certainly leading by example! With the team on the ferry, planning begins for day 3. Stay tuned for more updates!

Annie’s poem…continued.

07:45 and white van is off

So we were up very early and enjoyed good trough.

But black van set off at 7:30

Chasing early risers from 6:30

Dan and James took on the Seven Sisters

Had a whooping time, no sores nor blisters- yet to be discovered

Arrived Beachy Head

Seemed quite dead

No more to be said!

Lorraine and Annie diverted as per use

How long would they take, the others mused.

They had a curly wurly on the golf course

Before rejetting with full force

They sauntered on the prom

Tiddly on pom pom. 

Pic in the bandstand

Oh, how grand!

Quick crossover to Gill with Annie

No time lost, no dilly dally.

Level crossing wait and almost a pebble dash

But with a flash of inspiration

Back in the right direction.

Met all back at the Star Inn

Time to get a bit of sun on the wall washin’ 

Noon found us at Hastings, all genteel

The hour to peel

Off and jump in the sea


Adrian and David met cows and sheep

But no Little Bo Peep.

The early birds caught a man in frills on a bike

No worms but worth the hike.

At 9am prompt they joined Park Run at Seaford

With Parky, Adrian, Janet and Sarah- looking good.

Fiona and Steve girded their loins

Before doing battle with the seafront groynes/groins!

After sunbathing in Hastings showing off our midriffs

Stan and Adrian were so speedy

They didn’t use the funicular- really?

Parky and Sarah took off into the midday sun

No shade (80+ in the shade!) so not fun.

Fiona and Steve all oiled up

Sun belting down so good luck.

Who says Wales has the most sheep?

You can count them here and fall asleep.

F and S made it through knee- high nettles

But this pair showed their mettle.

Steve showed us his smooth waxed skin

The body beautiful- so sleek and slim!

Baton on to Janet, Adrian and Dave

Janet will no doubt make sure they behave! 

Sam,Sarah,Adrian, David, Andy ran k’s and k’s

30+k’s and 30+ degrees -what a day!

Adrian H was champion male with 36.5

Sarah was champion female with 28.5

With the sound of their soles, the hills came alive!

The other van went for a dip at Folkestone

Ice-creams licked and the burial of Sam.

And the baton was handed to the Iron Man!

We arrived at Dover, well on time

And stood to cheer AdrianH, in line. Water containers refilled by a cheerful Costa chap

Saved us time standing at the tap.

A little delay but we were in a grand mood

Dreaming of the bar and the hot food. A bientôt!