Day 3

25th August – Calais to Bruges

The day started in Calais with Emma and Sarah setting off into a gorgeous sunrise. 

The t-shirts looked superb on their first outing on foreign land (thanks sponsors). 

The changeover at the end of leg one was at the most gorgeous newly refurbished square just outside Calais. 

Adrian and David continued east before handing over to young guns Dan and James for their mammoth 20 mile run. 

Rob, Emma and Bess supported them on bikes while the buses struggled to track them down. 

Dan was looking supreme and was determined to stick to his training and so the pair split which presented the supporting cyclists with some navigational challenges. However, both arrived safely at the sea front at Dunkirk. They then handed on to Lorraine and Gill. Steady and dependable, the baton made its way out of Dunkirk to the next set of safe hands in the form of Sam and Fiona. 

Continuing onwards, Sam partnered up with Parky for a repeat of Saturday’s final stage but without the steep ascent and with the honour of crossing into Belgium. 

The baton was then passed on to Emma on her second leg and Stevie G lacing his shoes for the first time. Rapid progress was made with Adrian and Annie maintaining the pace on to  Nieuwpoort, finishing in a cold fountain, Adrian teamed up with Parky for a second outing along the canal.

Nutritional requirements were provided with ham baguettes mostly all round. Sadly no ham baguettes could be found for James so sweet stuff and cereal  for him. 

By this stage ears were turning back to the cricket as Ben Stokes started to bash it around at Headingley.

The final legs into Bruges were along the river and canals and soon the Venice of the north was reached and rehydration could begin.

Most of us decided a shower was more of a priority than seeing our fellow team mates finish the final leg of the day, fortunately good old (young) James and Dan were there to celebrate their arrival.

The hostel proved to be interesting with a proper Berlin bar beneath it which Emma Carter made full use of. Emma had an even more interesting journey to the bathroom at the pizzeria which included young boys singing in a band which no one else saw. Think it was the 6% beer! 

Annie’s poem…part 3

Start to day

This morning’s sunrise in the car park 

Wasn’t as pretty as in the dark.

Dan and James knocked up by AH

Masses of movement, oh la la!

But hours before, we had on the street,

Sarah and Emma, Adrian F and David rocking their feet.

Waiting in a mangelwurzel field to spot Dan and James

Couldn’t locate so on through the lanes.

« Flippin’ ‘eck! »Fiona excited

« Driving to Dunkeck! »

Loving the flat and not missing rolling hills

Masses of wind farms but no windmills- yet!

A delicious pit stop provided by Auchan

Shower. Position. Star. was our next destination

Gill tucked into porridge at correct time

10:50 and white van trying to find start line.

And Dan’s story!

At first seemed gory

With signals  re hospital

We thought there was trouble

But all ended grand

You’ll have to listen to Dan!