Day 4

26th August – Bruges to Brussels

Beautiful historic Bruges… a superb architectural delight round every corner.

There was an early start for David and Adrian F who took in one of the picturesque canal paths and experienced the rising, ghostly early morning mists. Some of the rest of us enjoyed a very nice breakfast at our hostel accommodation taking full advantage of “all you can eat” to boost our calories.

Meanwhile out on the road, James, on his last run before returning home early, and Andy took the next leg. We will miss James not only for his immense mileage contribution but has sense of humour and fun on the tour bus. What great company!

Next Dan teamed up with our youngest runner…. 11 year old Stan who notched up his longest run to date (due to an unexpected road closure)…he was well pleased with himself and so were we! It was such a lovely sight to see Dan our tallest runner appear over the hills with the shortest member of the team. Dan also left the team today, flying back from Brussels this evening and back to work tomorrow. He’s been a real asset to the team as he’s not only a great runner but also an excellent navigator. Thank-you Dan and James – we will miss you both.

The leg through the centre of Ghent proved eventful for David, Annie and Lorraine who seemed to want to run much further than was expected. Their navigational skills were certainly called into question, running up and down a number of blind allies but happily made it to hand over point with just 1 extra mile clocked up.

As well as encountering many lovely little Belgian backwaters many of today’s routes were rather urban and dull with many miles travelled on paths next to main roads in scorching temperatures. Nevertheless, our runners are all stalwarts and stuck with it with a smile, encouraged by the fact that we are now over half way to Giessen. Hooray!

The latter part of the day’s running was attributed to Fiona who covered 15 miles accompanied variously by Sarah, Annie, Sam, Lorraine and David. Fiona ran the legs off all of them but came in still looking good with a very relieved smile on her face.

Adrian H and Janet had a stressful evening attempting to park the black minibus in an underground car park and discovering the height restriction of 1m90 is too low for the van. Extricating the van, by reversing up a spiral ramp was an exercise not to be repeated.

We ended the day at a noisy but very popular pizza restaurant in the centre of Brussels replenishing some of the calories expended during the day.